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Blue Skies

Building New Horizons With Video Mapping Partners.

ShowPRO Productions is excited to announce the expansion of our partnerships, now offering a comprehensive video mapping service tailored for both fixed installations and dynamic live immersive experiences. This expansion not only allows us to delegate specialized tasks more efficiently, but also brings fresh talent into our fold—enhancing our creative capacity and enabling us to offer a richer diversity of options to our clients.

What is Video Mapping:


Video mapping, also known as projection mapping or augmented reality, is a technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects can be as varied as buildings, small indoor objects, or theatrical stages. By using specialized software, a two- or three-dimensional object is spatially mapped in the virtual program, which mimics the real environment it is to be projected on. The software can then interact with a projector to fit any image onto the surface of that object. This technique is used to add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects.

large building with video mapping example

Video mapping can be utilized for advertising, live concerts, theater, gaming, computing, decoration, and educational purposes. It allows artists and advertisers to create an interactive experience that can turn a passive observation into an immersive experience. For example, buildings can be transformed into visual narratives during a festival, or a small indoor object can become an interactive educational tool. The possibilities are as broad as the creator's imagination, making video mapping a powerful tool for storytelling and visual expression.

Large Building Being Video Mapped


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