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Equipment Rentals & Technology Outsourcing

The gear, team and brand that you can trust every hour of the day for reliability, durability and quality!

Our Work & Experience Covering Over 20 Years Of Excellence 

  • Government, Nonprofit Organization 

  • Large and Small Business

  • Advertisement & Creative Agencies

  • Touring, Concerts, Festivals, Large Scale Events

  • Galas, Fundraisers, Charity Events  

  • Financial Events, Earnings Announcements

  • Conferences, Live Streams, Networking Events

  • Social Media Events, Online Streaming  

  • World Premiers, Product Launches, Conventions

  • Celebrity Events, High End Private Events

  • Auctions, Bidding Events, Art Gallery Events

  • Technology Integration, Av Engineering   

  • AV Recruiting, AV Management, Show Directing  

  • Labor Planning, Event Planning, Event Promoters

  • Wedding, Mitzvah, High Profile Event Services

  • Sound System Installs, Rentals, Gear

  • Audio Visual Equipment Supplier

  • Election Services, Live TV AV

  • Hotel AV, In House AV, Production Resource

  • Hotel Technology Rentals and Installs

  • Auto Cad & Vector Works Design

  • Pre-Visualization Design

  • Event Research, Analysis & Data Processing

  • Podcasting Studio Design

  • Covid Technology Services, Sanitization Stations

  • Studio, Film Editing & Image Processing 

  • Printer System Support & Deployment 

  • DJ Entertainment, Bands, Talent Management 

  • Virtual Events, Streaming Services, Online

  • Vinyl Printing, Wraps, Banners

  • Furniture, Décor - Hard & Soft Elements 

  • Lighting Design, Installs, Control Systems

  • Event Power Management, Cabling & Prep 

  • Trussing & Staging Rentals 

  • Cinematography & Live Event Filming 

  • Monitors, Computer Rentals, PC Stations 

  • Pipe and Drape Systems

  • LED Video Wall Systems & Multimedia 

  • Graphics Design, Web Elements 

  • Projector Rentals, DCP Installs, Theater Systems 

  • MAX Film Projector Management, Theater Systems

  • Planetarium & Movie Theater Consultancy

  • Theater Sound Systems, Sound Processing

  • Home Theater System Installs 

  • Security System Installations

  • Information Technology Support 

  • Silent Headphone Conferences, Rentals & Events 

  • Sporting Events

  • Website Design, Coding, SEO, Editing

  • Museum Exhibition Technology & Design   

Dependable and sanitized technology for touring, rentals, video production, sound, high quality events, world premieres and more.  

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